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Hi All From $Konv!ct$^PM
« on: May 18, 2009, 06:49:35 AM »

Long Time No See Guys/ And Talia :). I Know I Just Dropped Off The Radar Without A Good-bye Or Reason. But Now I Think You Guys Do Deserve A Reason. The Reason Why I Left Without Saying Anything Was Because I Didn't Want To Cause Drama. I Messed My Knee Up Playing Football With Friends And When I Went To The Hospital They Said It Was Nothing But I Started To Get Sharp Pains And Among Other Things So I Got Hooked On Painkillers (Ultram and Vicodin) To Be More Precise So I Just Left. But I'm Here To Say That I Missed You Guys While I Was Gone, And That You Guys Are More Then Welcome At My Clans Website/Teamspeak/Server and Anything Else You Can Think Of.