Author Topic: Welcome to the MC Clan wesite!!  (Read 2298 times)

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Welcome to the MC Clan wesite!!
« on: July 01, 2010, 09:55:27 PM »
We appreciate your effort to come to our site to see what the clan is about. Some of you are here by curiosity, some by invitation from playing with our members, and some by pure dumbfound luck. Whatever it may be, please feel free to register and more of the topic boards will open up for your review.

We are one of the longest operating clans out there forming during the start of the original Mohaa game and playing mostly multiplayer online war games. Our focus and support has generally been with the COD games with off shoots of America's Army and Battlefield for those more in favour of strategy. You are welcome to join us on TS and as you will see many of our members have ventured to the dark side and play other games such as WoW. We are truly an outlet for the gaming community and would love have you as a member. There are no fees to join or any monthly costs unless you feel the need to donate to the servers, just abiding to the code of conduct for respectful behaviour for the benefit of all

"Call of Duty" has been the game of choice for our clan for the past many years. With the release of the last several editions of the Call of Duty games, the exclusion of dedicated servers has made it difficult to sustain clan membership.  We have added a forum page that we would like to receive comment as to which game(s) you would like see the clan that would make you consider join the [MC] family. For those that need to get that war game calling out of their system, in a friendly cohesive environment, no matter from what part of the world you come from, no matter who you are and what your abilities are....you are welcome here. Hence why [MC] is the [M]ultigaming [C]lan.

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