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[MC] Gamers Wikia Members Page:

[MC] Gamers Wikia main page:

This is where I will post a list of anyone who has given me a story and where guidelines and examples will be posted for the member pages. As you can see from the page, the information posted will not just be limited to current members but also notable members who have left the clan. If you have any information about the kind of player they were or about how they got into the clan please send them to me through a PM!


The pages for each of the members will ideally include things like their join date (tryout date NOT forum join date), their status in the clan, their history of getting into PC gaming and/or how they got into [MC], perhaps their play-style and way they approach the game, and any other notable aspects about the member. Please send me the picture of what you want to be posted on the page (see example link below if you don't know what I mean). It can be treated like a biography or just a little information fact sheet for other people to check out. Remember, this is a wiki-like situation so things are going to be constantly updated and whatever you post up on there will be changed, added to, or removed if you want! It is completely up to you!

If you are writing about yourself then please type in FIRST PERSON (using the word "I") and if you are writing about someone else then please type in THIRD PERSON (using the words "they" "he" "she"). This won't be a big deal if you don't know how to do it or mess up because either myself or Gecko (or the other admins) will edit it before putting it up if you choose.

I will post my page (which will be constantly updated!) that currently only has my story of how I got into PC gaming and how I got into [MC] to show you what I'm looking for. As you've probably noticed from my posts, I try to go into as much detail (no matter how meaningless) and make many grammar errors so please do not be discouraged if you are not the best writer! You get to choose how long or short you want it to be. If you explore the members page on the wikia you can see many different lengths of bios! You can add or remove things just by messaging me and I'm on the forums everyday so the change should be in effect within 24 hours! Please check back here often if you want to contribute to this project because the guidelines will be changing all the time!

Zerogue's page:


Getting into PC Gaming
"Before August 2009, I was mainly a console gamer playing on systems from Sony (PS3, PS2, and PS1), Nintendo (Wii, Gamecube, N64, NES, Various Gameboys, Nintendo DS), with a splash of Sega (Genesis, Master System) and Atari (2600). So, I've been playing games my whole life but only recently have I heavily gotten into PC gaming. The only experiences I had with PC games were playing Starcraft and Warcraft 3 DotA on a poor frame rate on a computer purchased in 2000. However, before that I did play games like Marathon, and demos for games like Unreal Tournament, Starcraft, and Diablo II on an old Mac. I wasn't completely void of games that required a mouse and keyboard to play but playing games like that was not my play-style of choice. Fast forward to December 2007, when I got Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the PS3 for Christmas, I instantly got hooked. This was the first time I ever really got into a shooter and I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it despite the setting that it was based it. After playing that game for a year and a half I started watching frag movies of top PC players and was incredibly impressed. Stevy's 9 Lives montage put me over the top and I knew then that I wanted a PC that could play Call of Duty 4 so that I could get a taste of what these guys were doing. My PC was bought in August 2009 along with a copy of Call of Duty 4 and I've been extremely satisfied with what PC gaming has to and continues to offer!"

Joining [MC]
"After becoming fairly unsuccessful in my hunt to play competitively, I purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game did not live up to the hype for me and eventually, I hit a point where I had the urge to play the game seriously and was ready to quit playing Modern Warfare 2 if I couldn't. I more wanted to compete in Call of Duty 4 still and hoped that if I did meet any clans, they would have a division for that. Fate struck me one day when I met Frogilator. At the end of some random TDM match on Quarry, Frogilator got the game-winning kill. I immediately noticed his EMP emblem and commented on it which broke the ice. Shortly after I saw his score, where he had a dominating performance, I added him as a friend and we got to talking. He introduced me to Teamspeak and all the other members which eventually led to a tryout which leads to where I am today!"

General Information

"I've been using the name Zerogue for only the past year or so but this is a handle that I really like so I probably won't ever change it. At the very beginning of my foray into online gaming, I played a game called Gunbound and was known as Alphadragon. This was very shortlived and soon after I got into free MMOs such as Runescape and Maplestory. I usually played a very melee focused class and thought the letter Z was really cool so I eventually came up with Zerowarrior. This was a name I've used for almost 10 years and there were also many variations when it wasn't available (it was not very original or creative) such as ZerowarriorX, XZerowarriorX, X0zero0X, Zerowaworez (palindrome), and various other embarrassments. Somewhere near the tail end of those 10 years, I got into an MMO called Ragnarok Online. There I decided to explore many different classes and so I changed the "warrior" part to reflect whatever role I was playing. Examples of names I used are Zeromage, Zeroassassin, and of course, Zerowarrior. I eventually made a rogue class that I named Zerorogue and this was incredibly awkward to say so I decided to pretend I was clever and shorten it to Zerogue in the game. Zerowarrior was still the name I used the most up until I wanted to join [MC] and decided that Zerogue would cause less shame if someone called me by my alias so I chose that. I think my name represents me very well and showcases my unoriginality and passion for bad wordplay more than it represents my play-style in-game."

Please check the page to see what the infobox looks like that includes things like Join Date and Member Status!

I want to give a large thanks to the people who have given me your stories. Without you guys, I would have no motivation to try and do something like this and I love reading your stories! A big thanks also goes to Gecko for being my main man on this and helping me figure things out as well as doing some editing.

Pending stories (both current and past):
Please send them as soon as you can!

    * CrAnKsTeR
    * Dark Tyr
    * EagleEyes
    * LuckoDuck
    * Mr. Berub
    * PsYcHo
    * R. Wagner (Send info on him if you can!)
    * Sgt. D
    * Shank
    * Zombie (Send info on him if you can!)

Completed stories (current members):

    * DarkZerkerX
    * Gecko
    * MrWiggles
    * USSR-DoomKing
    * Zerogue

Completed stories (past members):

    * Boggy Pete
    * tehIceMan

Thank you guys for the support and please continue to send content! Any questions, comments, suggestions, and contirbutions should be PMed to me or you can send me a message on Steam (but I prefer the forums)! If you like or don't like the idea then give me a shout! If you want to contribute something then give me a shout! Thanks to Gecko for all the hard work and send me content as soon as possible!
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